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Hello and welcome at Vapor Shop – Vapor Devils in Kaiserslautern.

In our Vapor Shop in Kaiserslautern, Pirmasenser Str. 11, you’ll find a wide choice of Liquids, Cartomizers and Tanks, MODS, PVs and accessories. We offer Starter Sets for newcomers as well as Mechanical Mods for advanced Vapors.

Our main brands are Aspire, eGo, Joytech, Kangertech, Eleaf, SMOK and Sigelei.Visit us in our Vapor Shop-Vapor Devils in Kaiserslautern and you can choose between more than 50 different e-Liquids of German quality. And to find out your personal preference as a matter of course you can try out and TEST the BEST for you.

For price-conscious Vapors there is another interesting option: Mix your own Liquid!Therefore we can offer you a large variety of basics with different PG/VG and portions of nicotine. You can mix these with your favorite flavor/aroma and so you’ll get a large quantity of self-mixed e-Liquids. Vapor shop Kaiserslautern.

Vapor shop Kaiserslautern

The pros of e-Cigarettes:

Actually eCigs are not really similar to normal tobacco cigarettes: Instead of combustion of tobacco a mixture (the so-called Liquid) gets heated up by a heating coil and as a result it got vaporized (atomized). This steam looks very similar to the smoke of a tobacco cigarette and usual tobacco smokers feel satisfied with that.

You can find a lot of different types for different budgets. For newcomers we recommend the Starter-Sets, which usually consist of two eCigs inclusive accessories. Why two of them? Because it’s always better to have 2 batteries available to have a replacement, if your battery is unexpectedly out of power. Some Vapors prefer to use the 2 different eCigs with different flavors or different portions of nicotine. Vapor shop Kaiserslautern

More information about e-Cigarettes:

E-Cigarettes offer more choices, since the Liquids are available in a lot of flavors as well as a lot of different portions of nicotine, e.g. from nicotine-free up to a high-portioned one. The higher the portion of nicotine, the more distinctive is the feeling (flash) in throat and lunge when inhaling. That means, a higher portion of nicotine is comparable with the flash of a strong tobacco cigarette, while a low portioned one meets about with the flash of a “light-cigarette”.

By the way:

Although authorized according to our current legal status …we do NOT sell Hardware or Liquids, regardless with or without nicotine, to juveniles under the age of 18!!

E-Cigarettes are available in a large variety and innumerable models. In our Vapor Shop in Kaiserslautern, Pirmasenserstr. 11 you can choose between some of the small version, which looks similar to a normal tobacco cigarette and is convenient for an occasional smoker, or the popular newcomer-twin-set and of course the big and high-capacity MODS / Big Batteries with a high flavor and steam blow-out. Vapor shop Kaiserslautern

E-Cigarettes are much less unhealthy than usual tobacco cigarettes – this should be an important criterion to change and get a Vapor!

E-Cigs don’t produce smoke, ash and malodor. Your senses of taste and smell won’t get under negative influence and furthermore your neighborhood and environment will be thankful, if you vape instead of smoking. On another note the Liquids only contain substances which are also available in tobacco cigarettes, however only the four or five ones which don’t change by vaping – and exactly this is different to a normal cigarette, where, caused by combustion, thousands partly acutely poisonous substances got produced. Herewith the amount of poisonous substances, which you catch while consuming an e-Cigarette is much less than smoking a usual tobacco cigarette.

Another pro for the e-Cigarette: The costs of Vaping are much lower.

However once you’ll have the investment costs buying an e-Cig-Set, but this will be amortized very soon, since the running costs are really low. You only need to buy your Liquid (ca. 5 – 8 Euro per bottle for 5 – 10 days, depending on hardware and usage) and sometimes the coils (between 3 – 5 Euro per pcs) which are usual good for 2 -4 weeks.

The quality is important!

Rely and trust on competent advice from experienced Vapors and visit us in our Vapor Shop Vapor Devils in Kaiserslautern, Pirmasenserstr. 11. We offer exclusively high quality products of best brands and know all hardware we are selling. Advanced Vapors can confirm you the following: To avoid frustration depending on low-valued and cheap products, just do the right choice and buy only products with high quality. A lot of satisfied customers and a highly recommendation reflect this.

We want you to come again!